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Building Services Insulation

McLennan Insulation Limited is a specialist in the insulation of Mechanical and Plumbing systems within new and refurbished commercial buildings.

This involves the installing of a range of thermal insulation products including fibreglass, nitrile rubber and polyester to hot and cold pipe systems and air conditioning ducting. We also install acoustic insulation materials to waste and storm water pipes that run within the building framework, to silence disruptive noise.

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Industrial Insulation

For two decades we have provided a skilled service to Wellington’s manufacturers. Typical work includes the insulation of steam and process pipework, boilers, flues, generator exhausts, silos, tanks and vessels.

There is a range of specialist materials for medium to high temperature applications including fibreglass, rockwool, ceramic fibre, calcium silicate and foamglas. Much of this work also involves the fabrication and fitting of sheet metal cladding to protect and weatherproof the insulation system.

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Refrigeration Insulation

Ammonia and glycol systems operate at extreme low temperature.

Polyurethane foam has a high thermal performance and its cellular structure makes it very suitable for these low temperature applications.

McLennan Insulation Limited has mobile polyurethane plant that makes light work of pouring PU foam at any location.

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Commercial Insulation

We supply and install a wide range of building insulation products to insulate walls, ceilings, shafts and other areas in commercial buildings.

Fibreglass or polyester products in rolls, batts or sheets may be fixed to concrete floor slabs, block work or framing to provide thermal or acoustic performance.

Other Services

McLennan Insulation Limited also does fireproofing, marine insulation and acoustic insulation and we have industrial sewing machines to make insulation mats, welders curtains and flexible connectors.

It is not possible to fully detail all the insulation services we provide, so please contact us to discuss your specific project.